Room Capacity
  • 16 student laptop computers
  • Trainer's desktop computer
  • Overhead projector and screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Easel and paper
  • Modular furniture
  • If you have any questions, phone the Library Office at 718-430-3108.

The Training Room Capacity: 6

Library Training Room 1. 16 student laptop computers 2. Trainer's desktop computer 3. Overhead projector and screen 4. Whiteboard 5. Easel and paper 6. Modular furniture 7. Phone the Library Office at 718-430-3108 to reserve.
No times available
  • Leave the room in good condition for the next users.  Clean up and discard trash before exiting.
  • Use only covered beverage containers with lids, bottles with twist-on caps, travel mugs or sport water bottles.
  • Do not change the thermostat.  Please report any temperature issues to the Library Administrative Office.